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intercessors and pastors republished

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WEBINARS - Online Webinars With Eddie and Alice


A webinar is an online seminar. Eddie and Alice offer many webinars for you to choose from. There's no travel to a seminar location, postage and handling or waiting. You'll be watching your webinar on your computer minutes from now! CLICK HERE



INSIGHT - Articles and Teaching by Eddie and Alice


Can God Trust Us With The Wealth of The Wicked? - "Eddie Smith "

A noted Christian leader remembered that when she was 8-years-old, she and a schoolmate took baby pacifiers from a rack in a neighborhood drugstore to play with. When it came to mind, she immediately sat down and wrote a letter of apology to the then current drugstore owner to explain what they had done. With it, she included a check for $27 to repay the store for the loss, plus interest. You might be asking, "Why would my wife, Alice, even bother?" READ MORE >>


More Articles By Eddie and Alice:

Why Not The Prayer of Jabez
(Eddie Smith)

Don't Give up
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March Winds Are a Blowin'

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What Pastors Need From Their Intercessors
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Are You A Person of Mercy
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A Journey Through The Wilderness
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Alice's Prophetic Word For Egypt
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The Making Of An Intercessor
(Chuck Moore)

Audio Teaching By Eddie and Alice:

Purposeful Prayer
(Alice Smith)

Spiritual Warfare

(Eddie Smith)

Strategic vs Tactical Prayer
(Eddie Smith)

Praying with Purpose
(Eddie Smith)

Preventative Prayer
(Eddie Smith)

Overcoming Trauma
(Alice Smith)

Praying in The Light
(Eddie Smith)

A Lifestyle of Prayer
(Alice Smith)

Being a Witness
(Alice Smith)

How to Pray Through Disappointment
(Alice Smith)






Whether you are looking for continuing education, equipping and training or to be inspired in your walk with God, Eddie and Alice's power books, teachings and other resources are your link to clear, biblically based information and inspiration.





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Eddie and Alice entertain invitations to teach
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Houston Local Channel 14

Jan 9, 2014

Alice Smith on Praise the Lord



Hockley, TX (Houston Area)

Jan 10-12

Eddie and Alice

Vision Conference

Pastors James and Cindy Long

Gateway Christian Fellowship

25314 Zube Rd Hockley, TX 77447

FREE tickets here:


Houston, TX

Feb 22

Kari Jobe Concert

Kari Jobe Unplugged - A Night To Remember

Eddie and Alice invite you and your friends to this private concert for friends of the U.S. Prayer Center. Seating is limited. Venue: Copperfield Church

8350 Highway 6 North Houston, TX 77095

Tickets $18 ea:


Kampala Uganda

May 10-19, 2014

Alice Smith

and U.S. Prayer Center ministry team:

Pastor Ruth Mwagalwa

Windows Ministry International

Annual Women’s Conference

Kampala Uganda





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