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These testimonies are reports from people who have been significantly touched at our events and/or through our
resources and materials:



Carol writes...

Thank you Alice Smith for being vulnerable and risking exposure of a deep and personal relatonship that many of us long for and have not yet known. This book will open the door to a journey filled with surpises and wonder, plus a depth of relating to God long awaited for.




Debbie writes...

Beyond The Veil shares the heart of a woman who has a passion for God, for His people and for lost souls. Making a way for others to walk in intimacy with God and receive His burden of love for others, is the heart of this book and ministry of Alice Smith. 




Lilly writes...

Dear Beloved sister Executive Director Alice Smith,


Greetings from India. we are well doing in the work of our Lord, hope you too are busy. your gifts help us conduct a gospel meeting here in one of the River Island area which we got good results. 23 women obeyed Lord JESUS ChrIST as their savior!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!. Only 9 men obeyed LORD.


Please pray that we could do great work in the coming year too. How is our brethren there, how is brother Eddie and saints with you.

Please do pray for us and our work here. We Love and praise GOD for your fellowship with USPC.

Hope to hear from you again,

in Christ,




Chuck writes...

I have never known a more godly person than Alice Smith.  Through her books and through personal contact she has taught me so much about intercession and even more; she has inspired me to have an intimate relationship with my Lord.  Words cannot express all that Alice has imparted into my life.  The Lord has used her greatly in changing my life from the backslid pitiful retch that I was into a man of righteousness and integrity that the Lord can use. 


Eddie Smith is a very unique individual.  One thing I know about Eddie is that he loves people and has a compassion for souls like no one I have ever known. God has given him a tremendous gift of wisdom and is a very gifted counselor.  A number of times I have come to him concerning situations in my life and have received sound Biblical advice.   With Eddie’s help I have been set free of things I had struggled with all my life.




Mrs. Johnson writes...

The Father wants us to be intimate with Him and Alice Smith reveals how simple and vital that intimacy really is.




Brenda writes...

I've come to trust books written by Eddie and Alice Smith because they use scripture to back up the statements they make. I've read other books written by them and have always been blown away by the no-nonsense way they capture the attention of the reader. As they share each example, excitement begins to well up in you because of the revealed truth of their statements.




Kay writes ...

Your web-site is such an encouraging place to visit. The love of God certainly flows out!



Chuck, from Missouri writes ...

"Dear Eddie and Alice,


Your new Daily Prayer With Alice is a wonderful feature I enjoy it each morning. In fact it is one of the first things I do every morning. Listening to the scripture and praying with Alice puts a fire in me and I am ready to tackle the day head-on. Literally!

I played some football in high school, linebacker mostly. I remember practice, when we would run plays and you knew what was coming. The quarterback would hand the ball off to this 200 pound fullback, the a hole would open in the line, and here he would come straight at me head-on. I would plant my feet waiting for the full force of the impact. Sometimes the contact would almost bend me over backwards as I would take the hit and bring him down. This would happen play after play. You don't know how glad I was when they ran plays in some other direction.


But life isn't like that. And the plays are coming at you every day. Alice, your daily prayer helps me plant my feet and take the hit. Not only to tackle the day head-on, but to win victories as well. Thank you so much!"




Sherry Anderson, from Panama City, FL writes ...

I attended the seminar in Houston last weekend and just wanted to let you know it far exceeded my expectations! The course manual kept me from having to take so many notes and made the training a pleasure. The information given regarding research, programs, E - Books, etc, was tremendous. Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of experience and knowledge!




Kathleen writes ...

Good Morning Eddie and Alice,

This insight was impact with so much power, I thank God for the two of you, I am learning how to pray through you and it is a wonderful experience. I thought I knew how to pray, but now my eyes are open, and my heart is truly willing. Strong holds stood out in your teaching. Pray that God releases some strong holds in my life. If only everyone could hear your powerful and anointed teachings, our churches would truly reach people, God's people.

God Bless, Kathleen




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